Spa treatments

Long term stays (one week or longer)

Each stay that lasts a week or longer begins with an initial doctor’s check up. The selection of procedures is dependent on the results of the check up. If applicable, you can bring your own medical record and show it to the spa doctor for consideration.

Short term stays (2-6 nights)

Short term stays do not include an initial doctor’s check up. Some of the treatments, such as the peat packs procedure, are not available for short term stays as they cannot be applied without a check up.


All Czech spas offer a wide range of procedures. The most sought after ones spotlight the local mineral springs – some of them are used for drinking cures, while heated mineral springs and thermal springs are used for bathing. Other favourites include peat packs, massages and inhalation.

Unique curative spa treatments are complemented by a selection of massages, rehabilitation following mobility impairment, electrotherapy, alongside modern methods like cryosaunas, oxygen therapy, Shiatsu massages and acupuncture. There are overall more than a hundred different procedures and treatments available.



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