List of indications

I. Oncology illnesses

Oncology cases after the finished complete care, without any signs of relapses

II. Illnesses of circulatory system

Symptomatic ischaemic heart disease

Condition after myocardial infarction

Hypertension of II. up to III. level

Disease of upper limb arteries based on atherosclerosis II b or inflammation

Dysfunction of periphery blood vessels and conditions after thrombosis, the earliest is three months after acute state subsiding

Chronic lymphatic oedema

Conditions after reconstructive and bypass surgery of the circulatory system except heart

Conditions after percutaneous transillumination angioplasty

III. Digestive system illnesses 

Chronic and palindromic illnesses of the stomach and intestines with maldigestion symptoms persisting during the standard pharmacotherapy;

Conditions after heavy intestine infections, parasitosis and mycotic diseases

Conditions after stomach, duodenum, oesophagus and intestine surgery with post resection symptomatology proved by endoscopy

Crohn’s disease

Ulcerous colitis

Chronic diseases of gall bladder and biliary tract with lithiasis, when surgery is contra-indicated

Sclerosing cholangitis

Functional disorders of the biliary tract

Conditions after complicated surgery of the gall bladder and biliary tract, after operations for stegnosis and lithiasis of biliary tract

Conditions after complicated surgery of the gall blader and biliary tract, after operations for stegnosis and lithiasis of biliary tract (postsurgical pankreatitis do cholangitis, jaundice, instrumentation of biliary tract,ERCP)

Conditions after dissolving stones and extracorporal lithotripsis

Conditions after acute hepatitis of any etiology

Chronic hepatitis with persisting positive markers

Associated auto-immune hepatitis

Primary biliary cirrhosis

Conditions after resection operations and liver or pancreas transplantation

Conditions after acute pancreatitis or after exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis

Proved chronic pancreatitis

IV. Diseases from metabolism disorder and disorder of glands with inner secretion 

Diabetes mellitus, Obesity, Gout, Constipation, Hyperlipoproteinemia

V. Non-tuberculous diseases of respiratory system

Conditions after surgery of upper and lower respiratory tract, not concerning conditions after surgery of tonsils, adenoid vegetations and nasal septum
Conditions after lung transplantation
Damage of larynx and vocal cords due to vocal overload
Conditions after phonosurgery treatment
Conditions after complicated pneumonitis
Palindromic inflammations of the lower respiratory tract and chronic inflammations of the respiratory system as an illness from work according to different legal enactments
Asthma bronchiale
Chronic obstructive lung disease
Interstitial lung fibrosis of any etiology under systematic care
Consequences of toxic gasses, smoke, corrosive vapours and irritable dusts to upper and lower respiratory tract

VI. Nervous system diseases

Polyneuropathy with parentic symptoms
Root syndromes with irritation-destructive syndrome
Conditions after injuries and illnesses of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves with movement disorders with signs of regeneration
Neuro-muscular diseases primary, secondary and degenerative
Syringomyelitis with paretic symptoms
Parkinson’s disease

VII. Illnesses of locomotive system

Rheumatoid arthritis I. to IV. stage including juvenile arthritis, systematically treated within ambulant care
Ankylosing spondylitis (Bekhterev’s disease) systematically treated within ambulant care
Other seronegative spondartritis systematically treated within ambulant care (psoriatric arthritis, Reiter’s syndrome)
Secondary arthritis systematically treated within ambulant care
Abarticular rheumatism, systematically treated within ambulant care
Diffusing disease of connective tissue treated within ambulant care (systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, polymyositis, dermatomyositis, Sjogren’s syndrom and other imbrication syndromes)
Osteoporosis with complications, when systematic ambulant rehabilitation is longer than 3 months it is ineffective
Bone replacements, which are the consequence of working in pressurised air as a job-related illness according to different legal enactments
Painful syndromes of tendons, tendinous sheaths, bursas, muscle sinews, skeletal muscles or joints (including illnesses caused by vibrations and long-term, excessive, one-sided overloading as a jobrelated illness according to different legal enactments
Coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis in systematically ambulant care of an orthopaedist and rehabilitation doctor
Arthritis in other locations, Arthropathy
Chronic verterbrogenic algic syndrome of functional origin in systematic ambulant rehabilitation care
Conditions after orthopaedic surgery with the use of joint substitution
Conditions after injuries to the locomotive system and after orthopaedic surgery including conditions after intervertebral discs and stenosis of the spinal channel, when systematic ambulant or bed rehabilitation care is ineffective
Conditions after amputation of lower limbs, degree of activity 1 to 4 when the insured patient has a prosthetic limb

VIII. Urinary system diseases

Recurring and chronic non-tubercular inflammations of the kidney and urinary tract resistant to the treatment ATB and other pharmacological treatment; in systematic care of a urologist for at least 12 months
Cystic kidney disease
Nephrolithiasis without congestion in the urinary tract
Conditions after kidney and urinary tract surgery including endovesicular surgery and conditions after complicated prostatectomy and nephrolithotrypsy, after-treatment after LERV (non-invasive treatment of urinary stones by extracorporeal shock wave)
Chronic prostatitis or chronic prostatovesiculitis resistant to pharmacological treatment and ATB treatment, in systematic care of a urologist at least for 12 months
Conditions after kidney transplantation during stabilised function of a graft (transplanted kidney)
Donor of the graft (kidney)

IX. Gynaecological disorders, including the treatment of sterility

Vulvouterine inflammatory disorders, gynaecological post-operation conditions, sterility, infertility
Climacteric syndrome and urine incontinence

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