Stays week and above

Week-long stays (and above) start with an initial doctor's check up. The selection of procedures to be undergone during your spa stay will mostly rely on the results of this check up. It is also possible to bring a doctor's note from your regular doctor and show it to the spa doctor for consideration.

Below, you can see a list of procedures available only with our long stays. Apart from these, you can of course choose from the procedures available for our short stays as well.

Gas injections

Natural gas is applied through subcutaneous injections to help treat joint and spine conditions, as well as ischemic heart disease.

Peat packs

Peat and mud are both peloids (from greek pelos – mud). The peloids are heated up to 40 - 45°C and then they are used for compresses and wraps. The heat and minerals from the peat, when aimed at a specific spot on your body, help blood circulation and local metabolism as well as improving any negative muscle conditions and joint mobility problems. Peat packs are used in treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynaecological and respiratory illnesses.

Vaginal tampons

A special additional treatment is available in the form of peat vaginal tampons which are used in treating chronic gynaecological inflammations and female sterility.

Clients' testimonials

Eila - Oulu, Finland

We spent a relaxing holiday in the beautiful spa town. The atmosphere was great, the treatments refreshing, the food good and the service excellent.

Jana - Czechia


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